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Belt System

Kids Belts


                                                            - White

                                                            - Grey

                                                            - Yellow

                                                            - Orange

                                                            - Green

Elev8tion BJJ uses the IBJJF classification for belt rankings.


There are 5 belts for Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

They are based upon attendance, knowledge, demonstration of skills, mat time, attitude, and instructor preference.


Kids who desire are encouraged to compete in tournaments,  but is not a requirement nor is belt advancement based on competition performance.


Children are able to start receiving adult belts

once they are over 16 years old.  

Adult Belts


                                                            - White

                                                            - Blue

                                                            - Purple

                                                            - Brown

                                                            - Black

There are also 5 belts for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Belt advancement varies from school to school.


Kids aged 16 and over are encouraged

to join our adult program.

As you can see, since there are only 5 belts advancement

takes a lot of effort and commitment to the art.


On average, it usually takes a couple years to advance belts
(given that the student is training 3x per week or more).


People who've reached the black belt level take an average of 10 years of consistent training to achieve it.

Remember, try not to focus on belts. Focus on

improving in the art each day and don't give up!

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